How to Block EcoBank ATM Card

Blocking your ATM card is a critical issue and should not be taken lightly, especially in situations where the ATM card is missing, misplaced, or stolen because failure to block it makes you stand a risk of losing your funds. However, blocking your ATM takes a lot of time using the analog method. Therefore banks such as the Eco Bank have made provisions for other ways of card blocking that make it easier for you to block your card at the comfort of your home.

The analog method of card blocking requires going to the bank yourself and takes a long time, giving fraudsters enough time to access your fund and rip you of your life savings. Your Eco Bank ATM card can be blocked by sending SMS, calling the customer care service, accessing the Eco Bank social media handles, Email address, and website.

How to Block EcoBank ATM Card

Why Block your Eco Bank ATM Card?

ATM card grants you access to the money in your account. But, there is a need to block your ATM card when certain situations or occurrences show up. Cases such as ATM Card theft or loss, misplacement of ATM, compromise of mobile banking password, ATM PIN, internet banking password, etc., give a need for ATM blocking.

Your Eco Bank ATM card needs to be blocked when the events listed above occur because it ensures the money in your account is safe and secure and cannot be withdrawn by anyone. Thus, blocking your ATM is a necessary evil in times like this.

Possible ways of Blocking an Eco Bank ATM Card

There are different ways in which one can block an Eco Bank ATM card. These ways include;

  • Using the Eco Bank SMS alert
  • Contacting the Eco Bank Customer Care desk or Services
  • Visit the Eco Bank head office or one nearest to you.

Blocking An Eco Bank ATM Card Using the Eco Bank SMS Alert

To block your Eco bank ATM card by SMS is quite simple. It fast and easy, and involves sending a simple SMS to a specific mobile number. The steps involved include;

  • Just send “STOP ATM” and ACCOUNT NUMBER to 08063262265 or 0806ECOBANK. For example; Type and send STOP ATM 2345678910 to 08063262265 or 0806ECOBANK.
  • You must send the SMS with the phone number linked to the affected bank account, and SMS charges apply.

Your ATM and account will be blocked after sending this SMS.

Blocking An Eco Bank ATM Card Via Eco Bank Customer Care desk  

This is also a straight forward method that entails calling the customer care numbers on your mobile phones or telephones. It also includes reaching them via their websites, social media handles, and email address.

  • Calls: You can reach the Eco bank Customer care service via calls on

0806-ECOBANK or their telephone number on +2347005000000.

  • Social Media Handles: You can also contact them on;




You can send them a mail via their email address telling them to block your ATM card.

You can also reach them via other social media handles such as YouTube and LinkedIn. Contact them on

Blocking An Eco Bank ATM Card by Visiting the Nearest Eco Bank

This method requires you to visit the bank, preferably the branch you bank with, or the Head office located at No 2و Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. You can also visit any Eco Bank office near you and make your complaints and request. This method takes a longer time and exposes your money to danger. Therefore it is not always recommended.

What do I do after blocking my Eco Bank ATM Card?

After blocking your ATM Card, the Eco Bank advises that specific measures be on the safest side. These measures include;

  • Transfer of funds: Once your ATM is blocked, Eco Bank advises its customers, especially those that own two accounts, to transfer their funds to the other account. This can be done by using the USSD money transfer method that is easy and fast.
  • Apply for a new ATM Card: After your Eco Bank ATM card has been blocked, quickly apply for a new one. Application and collection of the new card will be made when you visit the nearest Access Bank. This will enable you to perform all financial transactions.
  • Also, unlink all online payment information from the old ATM card and link them to the new one. This would enable smooth transaction as there will be no complications.


Therefore, information is paramount; knowing the possible ways of blocking your ATM card in cases of losses, theft, or misplacement calls for less panic, especially for Intruders, scammers, Or fraudsters.

Are you an Eco Bank customer and have lost your ATM Card? This article will then be of great help to you as it offers you step-by-step instructions on how to block your Access ATM Card.