How to Block your FCMB ATM Card

Alerting your financial institution during a critical situation like those associated with a lost or stolen ATM card can be quite helpful and can save you from huge losses. Banking with the First City Monument Bank (FCMB), you can quickly contact the bank to request an ATM card blocking. Thus, it would be helpful to learn how to block your FCMB ATM card if you notice anything suspicious.

There are many cases of stolen and lost ATM cards, and scammers are constantly on the lookout to gain entry to your funds. Whether your ATM pin has been compromised or someone has successfully gained access to your online or mobile banking details, it would help if you quickly contact your bank to block that ATM card.

how to block your FCMB ATM card

Ways to Block Your FCMB ATM Card

There are various ways of blocking your FCMB ATM card, as you can do so using the bank’s USSD code, mobile banking option, or getting it blocked via the bank’s online platform. You can also call the bank directly through their contact number and relay your issues.

Blocking your ATM Card Using the FCMB USSD Code

Using the FCMB USSD code, you can easily block your compromised ATM card. You can do so with the steps below:

  • Dial *329#, where you would find a plethora of options
  • Select the FCMB “self-service.”
  • Then, move further to select “block account.”

These steps would help you to successfully block your FCMB ATM card right from the comfort off your home, from wherever you are, and at any time. Thus, in such a critical situation, you do not need to visit the bank before getting this task done.

Blocking your ATM Card Using the FCMB Mobile Banking Service

You can block your ATM card using the FCMB mobile banking self-service by following the steps below:

  • Download the FCMB mobile banking from play store
  • Then log in with your details
  • Move further and click on the “service” option
  • From the new page, select the hotlisting card option
  • Choose the ATM card
  • From the options available, choose why you want the card blocked
  • Confirm and submit to complete the process
  • The bank would automatically block it in no time

Blocking your ATM Card via the FCMB Online Banking

FCMB online banking is an excellent platform that provides a quick solution to customers. You can use this service to block your card if missing, stolen successfully, or you notice some suspicious activities. Here is how to do such:

Note:  Without an internet banking account, you would be needed to register and agree to the bank’s terms. You have to fill in the registration form, providing the correct details, including your account name and number, and your contact details. Then, submit the registration form to get started.

Contacting the FCMB Customer Support

In any case, whereby you need to block your ATM card, you can quickly contact the FCMB help desk, and they can quickly block the card before you notice any major losses.

Call: You can place a call to the FCMB helpline – (01) 279 8800 or contact your bank branch through their contact numbers provided

Email: Contact the FCMB customer support via mail at

WhatsApp: You can also send a quick message to FCMB on WhatsApp to request an ATM card blocking using the numbers (+234) 09099999815 or (+234) 09099999814

Other contact details include:



Report and request an ATM card blocking.

What Happens after Blocking Your ATM Card?

Once your ATM card is blocked, it will no longer be accessible or useful in any way. Thus, it would no longer respond or allow you access funds via ATMs, POS, or make payments online. So, if your card details fall into the hands of scammers or the card if found by someone, it would not be useful.

So, the blocked card would not work for any transactions, and your funds can be safe. To continue with your transactions, you can get another card. Just go to any FCMB branch, request for the card, set your new pin, and get the card activated.

Final Thoughts

The case of missing or stolen ATM cards can occur to anyone, and with your card in the hands of someone else, they might want to access your funds. Also, scammers who have successfully gained access to your online banking details may want to get hold of your funds.

Thus, such a situation would require that you quickly block your ATM cards. Are you banking with FCMB and urgently need to block your ATM card? You should consider the steps explained in this article on how to block your FCMB ATM card.