How to Block a First Bank ATM Card in 5 Minutes

In this present world of mobile banking and cashless economy, ATM Cards are the easiest way to carry money. Therefore, taking ATM around feels more like taking your entire investment around yet still comfortable. But, sometimes, these ATMs can be misplaced, stolen, or used by someone who knows your PIN to withdraw your money without your consent.

Therefore, this article explains the possible ways to block your First Bank ATM card in cases of theft, unauthorized withdrawal, and fraudulent acts, especially during weekends when banks are not open for operation or cases where the bank is far away from residence or even where the customer does not have the time to go down to the bank.

how to block first bank atm card

Ways to Block Your First Bank ATM Card

There are different ways in which one can block a First Bank ATM. These ways include:

  • SMS alert
  • Mobile App
  • Contacting the First Bank Customer Care desk or Services
  • Visit the nearest first bank office.

Blocking a First Bank ATM Card by SMS Alert

To block your First bank ATM card by SMS alert is very simple. It is a 24/7 service and enables card blockage functionality.

  • Send “BLOCK” to 30012 through SMS alert.
  • You must send the SMS from the phone number linked to the affected bank account, and SMS charges apply.
  • Your ATM card and account will be blocked within 24 hours of sending this SMS. After which, you cannot make a payment or withdraw from the ATM again.

These procedures can be taken where ever you find yourself or even in the comfort of your home. It is a 24 hours active service. Therefore, you do not need to visit the bank for your ATM to be blocked in critical situations.

Blocking a First Bank ATM Card by Mobile App

The procedures involved in blocking a First Bank ATM card using the First Bank Mobile App include;

  • Open the First Bank mobile app (First Mobile) on your phone or device.
  • Click on “Option.”
  • Then go to “Card Services.”
  • And select your card type.
  • Click on “Hotlist Card.”

Following these instructions duly, you will complete the action, and your card will be successfully blocked.

Blocking a First Bank ATM Card by contacting the Customer Care Service

You can also block your First Bank ATM Card by contacting Customer Care and accessing their services to avoid significant losses. You can get them through;

  • Call: You can put a call through to the First Bank customer care service at +234 1 9052326 or +234 1 9052000.
  • FirstContact:You can also reach them through 0700 FIRSTCONTACT- +234 700 34778 2668228 or +234 708 062 5000 and

 Social media handles:

You can also send them a mail via their email address telling them to block your ATM card.

You can also visit their website Once you contact them, report, and request an ATM blocking, your request will be granted after answering specific questions correctly.

Blocking a First Bank ATM Card by visiting the First Bank office

Visiting the nearest first bank close to you and filling in certain forms will sort out the issue of blocking your ATM completely. However, this is an analog process, which is quite strenuous and time-consuming, giving opportunities for more losses by the day.

What Happens After Blocking Your ATM Card?

As soon as your First Bank ATM card is blocked, it will no longer be useful or accessible in any way. Therefore, it would no longer respond or allow you to access funds via ATMs, POS, or make payments online. So, if your card details fall into the hands of scammers or the card is found by someone, it would not be useful.

Thus, to collect a new ATM card where your bank details will be activated, visit the nearest First Bank outlet, fill in certain forms, and your account will become active again.

What do I Do when blocking isn’t possible?

Blocking your ATM is not tricky, but in cases where one could not secure the ATM card because of specific network issues or more, certain precautionary measures should be taken.

Transferring your money into another account is one of such precautionary measure taken when the blocking processes didn’t work out or in cases where one does not trust the process.

Also, transferring the money into another bank. Account puts your mind at rest as there will be no fear of losing funds to fraudsters or scammers.


Missing and stealing ATM cards are events that take place almost daily. It gives room for fraudulent activities and scamming, leading to loss of funds.

First bank customers would find the ATM blocking procedures in this article useful. It will enlighten them beforehand or even help those presently battling with cases of ATM card loss.