How to Block a Polaris Bank ATM Card

Alerting your bank at the time of a crucial situation like losing your ATM card with stolen or misplaced by you would go a long way in saving lots of future damages. If you are Banking with Polaris bank, you would need to call/contact the bank and demand that your ATM card is blocked.

In as much as the bank can put you through in blocking your ATM, it is also great to learn this process by yourself to quickly act and save supposed pending damages. There have been many instances of ATM thefts, and scammers are always out there continually looking for victims.

Also, some events or instances can lead to the loss or misplacing of one’s atm card. It can be during a journey, at the market, when you improperly place the atm card in your purse or handbag carelessly, and it falls off and many other ways.

how to block polaris bank atm card

Ways to Block Your Polaris ATM Card

There are many ways available to block your Polaris ATM card. This action can be done via the bank’s USSD code, through mobile banking alternative or blocking the debit card through the bank platform online, or putting a call through to the bank via their customer care hotlines. How it is done using the various means is shown below.

How to use the Polaris USSD Code to block your ATM card

If you can’t find your Polaris debit card on the day when banks are off work, and you can’t go to the bank to lay a complaint about your missing card, don’t worry. The Polaris USSD code can be used to achieve your aim of deactivating your card. Below is how it is done.

Dial *833*4# using any registered mobile number; you would be asked to input the mobile number used for opening the account and (833), which is your USSD pin. Your report would be locked, and any attempt to use your debit card would be futile after doing this.

How to block your  ATM Card Using Polaris bank  mobile Banking Service

You can block your ATM card using the Polaris mobile  self-service by obeying the steps below:

  • Go to the play store and download the mobile banking App.
  • Create a profile or log in with the details of your rights
  • Click on the option “service.”
  • As it loads into a new page, choose the card option hotlisted
  • Then, Choose the ATM card type.
  • Several options would be displayed; choose the best option that describes your reason for wanting to block the card.
  • Confirm all your details
  • Ensure you submit to make it successful.
  • After this, the bank would block your card automatically.

How to Block your ATM Card via the Polaris Online Banking

Polaris online banking is a great platform that delivers and offers a rapid solution to customers. Are you a victim of a stolen debit card and you want to deactivate it using the online platform? Then the following steps would help you:

  • Visit (
  • login fast with your  account ID and correct password
  • After this, you would be provided with options
  • Chose block ATM card and proceed.

Note: If you do not have an already existing account, it won’t be easy to do the above. Thus, a registration with your details is required. When you are done providing all necessary information, submit and proceed following the steps above.

Contacting the Polaris Customer care services

One of the best ways to avoid any damages resulting from missing ATM cards is to quickly inform the customers care representatives, who are always swift to providing a solution to customers. You can access customer care through any of the means below:

  • Email:


  • Visit our Social media.
  • Facebook (
  • Instagram (
  • Twitter (
  • LinkedIn (
  • On Google Plus(
  • Skype ID (yescenter_1)

After Blocking Your ATM Card, What would be the outcome?

Blocking your ATM card means that it would not be able to perform its regular duties as before. It would seize to function via POS, at the ATM, or make an online payment. So you do not have to fret after blocking it if scammers or any other fraudulent person finds the card because it would be useless to that person.

To begin a successful transaction again, you would have to activate a new ATM card using details peculiar to you alone, especially your new pin, to ensure you alone know it.

Final Thoughts

For ATM to miss or get lost is not peculiar to a class or set of persons, anyone can be a victim. It is, therefore, essential that you are not careless about the safety of your card. Please have adequate space in your wallet or purse and have it kept there but make sure your wallet/purse is for individual use.

In any case, if you misplace your card and your bank with Polaris bank,  follow the guidelines stated above in this article so that you can avoid much damage to your funds.