How to a Block UBA ATM Card in 5 Minutes

The use of ATM cards has made transactions quite easier, as bank customers can make transactions from where they are without needing to visit the bank. The United Bank for Africa (UBA) provides customers with various types of cards to serve these purposes. However, a stolen or missing bank card can expose your funds saved in the bank to fraudsters.

Thus, blocking such ATM card before you incur great losses; knowing how to block UBA ATM card would help. ATM cardholders should keep their card details safe, away from others. With such details with scammers, they can easily get hold of your funds and quickly make away with them. So it is ideal to get the card blocked at the sight of any suspicious activities.

how to block uba atm card

Blocking Your UBA ATM Card: Why, When & How

Blocking your UBA ATM card is the best solution if you notice your card missing or if it was stolen. This action should happen immediately you notice the missing card. It is common for most persons to start processing a new card after their former one gets stolen or missing.

However, within that short while, many fraudulent acts may occur and cause you great losses. A blocked card would null all plans and transactions that are likely to go through if used by a third party if the card falls into the wrong hands. Withdrawals would be made impossible from ATMs or POS, and all forms of online transactions would be prohibited.

Please, note that even as you block your ATM card, you would still receive funds through routing and account numbers. Interestingly, you can request your bank to unblock your card if later found. Visit your branch and relay your request to them, and it would be unblocked.

If your card is not found, you can also request a new one, using a new pin as you get it activated. For persons banking with UBA whose details were tampered with and who noticed some strange activities relating to their funds, it would help if you block your current card and get a new one from the nearest UBA branch.

Blocking the Card via the Bank’s USSD from your Phone

Using the bank’s USSD to block your compromised card is one of the easiest methods, and it is quite cheap since it is free of charge. Also, you wouldn’t need to rush to the bank, as you can complete the whole process from any location.

To get started, dial the UBA USSD code, *919#, and continue selecting option 8 (next) and further selecting option 2 (ATM card) from the next page. Alternatively, you can quickly dial *919*10# and move on with the process.

However, this process would only work if you make use of the mobile line you used to create an account with the bank. Without that, this process wouldn’t work, as only the line associated with your account can handle the task.

Blocking an ATM card from the UBA Internet Banking Platform

The UBA internet banking platform allows users to carry out various tasks at a convenient time and place. It also allows users to block their ATM card in theft cases or other incidents that compromise the card. To get your UBA ATM card blocked using this platform, follow the steps below:

  • Visit the internet banking platform –
  • Log in with your internet banking details
  • Tap the “Self-service” option
  • Then continue with your request to get your card blocked
  • Follow through with the process, and the bank would get the compromised ATM card blocked

Please note that you would not be able to go through with this process without being registered on this platform. However, you can also register using the “Instant Self-Registration” service. You would be required to select the user type (Retail or corporate user type) before you can proceed to fill the registration form with your details.

Contacting UBA Customer Support

You can easily contact your bank’s customer support desk to block the ATM card even without visiting the bank. You can either contact their phone line or get them via the bank’s customer service live chat, email, and other social platforms.

Phone line:

You can contact the following helplines:

  • (+234) 01-2808822 (2808UBA)
  • (+234) 7002255-822 (0700-CALL-UBA)
  • (+234) 01-6319822


You can send your complaints about your ATM card and request for the card blocking via an email to

Live chat:

You can also chat with the help desk live via the live chat portal –


You can get hold of the customer support via


ATM cards are very useful and keep making it easier for users to have an easy transaction outside the bank hall. It can become a big issue if the card gets stolen or missing and if its details fall into the wrong hands. Such circumstances require the card blocked.

Thus, it is quite important to know how to block your UBA ATM card to ensure that you stop all fraudulent activities before they get to your bank funds. This article provides adequate information to help you through the whole process.