How to Block Wema Bank ATM Card

How can you urgently block your Wema Bank ATM card? Your ATM card is one of the most important things that you need for a smooth banking transaction. It is possible to do some banking operations without it but there will be a lot of inconveniences if you suddenly lost access to your Wema Bank ATM card.

How to Block Wema Bank ATM Card

Obtaining the card follows some processes which are secure and a password is also selected along with other banking details. Banks inscribe codes, CVV and other details on the card which show that you are the owner. These details are critical to the safety of your account and should not be compromised or let out to the wrong hands. If eventually it is lost, you need to block access to your account by blocking the ATM card itself because anyone that has your account pin can carry out an unauthorized transaction on your account.

Why you should block the ATM card?

Lost the ATM card

If you discovered that the ATM card is no longer in your possession, you can simply dial block the card to ensure that your account is protected even if it gets to the wrong hand.

 Suspicious transaction

If suddenly you receive notifications of debits from an unknown source, it is a sign that something may be going wrong and that your account must have been compromised. Suspicious transactions may go on and on if nothing is done to block the ATM card.

 What you need to block your ATM Card

Some account information like your pin is required to successfully block the card using certain methods. If you are using Wema bank, Yu can block your ATM card using the following method.


USSD is the most common method of blocking the ATM card that you have deemed to have been compromised. The USSD code for Wema bank is *945#. Quickly dial the code and follow the self-service options provided on your screen to block your Wema bank ATM card. This can be done from any location and an internet connection is not required. It is worthy to mention that USSD for blocking of Wema bank ATM card works only when the phone number is linked to the Wema bank account otherwise it will not be possible to block the ATM card.

Mobile banking options

Quickly install the bank’s mobile app on your smartphone and log in using your details. Then follow the onscreen prompts. Users will be required to select a reason why they want to block their ًًًWema Bank ATM card, and select a reason from the options s provided. After submission, the ATM card will be blocked by Wema bank. However, this method is open only to smartphone users and those that are existing mobile banking users. There are other methods for non-smartphone users.

Internet banking platform

The Wema Bank online banking platform can be accessed at Login to the online banking platform using your User ID and password. Through the platform, you can block your Wema bank ATM card. Those that are not existing users need to register before they can use the internet banking service.

Direct call

In case you are not comfortable using other methods, simply can the customer care team directly request that your ATM card be blocked. Also, you can request the blocking of your ATM card by sending an email to purple Wema bank also allows SMS services so requests can be received by sending an SMS to 07051112111

Most of these methods will help block your ATM almost instantly so you need not worry even if your ATM card is in the possession of fraudsters. Blocking your ATM card is the safest way to protect your account once your ATM has been compromised or is no longer in your possession.