How to Block a Wema Bank ATM Card

Notifying your bank during critical situations like those associated with lost or stolen cards has turned out to be helpful as it has the tendency to save you from losses.

Furthermore, experience has shown that there are many cases of lost or stolen ATM cards and scammers are always seeking such opportunities to gain access to the fund in your bank account and this makes it important to alert your bank the moment you lose your card or the moment you notice that it has been stolen.

Interestingly, if you bank with Wema Bank, it is one of the most resilient financial institutions in Nigeria and has a digital application that is second to none. Hence, contacting them is as easy as anything you can think of.

how to block wema bank atm card

Ways to Block Your Wema Bank ATM Card

There are numerous ways you can block your Wema Bank ATM card, and these include: Using the bank’s USSD code, mobile banking option, or getting it blocked via the bank’s online platform. You can also call the bank directly through their contact number to notify them of your situation.

Blocking your ATM Card Using the FCMB Mobile Banking Service

This is one amazing feature of the bank that leaves you in control of your ATM card as you can turn your card on or off for online payments as well as ATM withdrawals and POS payments.

  • Download Wema Bank ALAT from the Google play store
  • Log in to the app with your details
  • Follow the prompts on your screen to select the card option
  • Choose why you want to block your card
  • Confirm and submit to complete the card blocking process
  • The bank will then automatically block your ATM card

Blocking your ATM Card Using the FCMB USSD Code

Using the Wema Bank USSD code is as simple as breeze and with it, you can easily block your compromised ATM card. You can do so with the steps below:

  • Dial *945#
  • Select the self-service option provided by Wema Bank
  • Then follow the prompts on your screen to block your ATM card

These steps are quite easy and would help you to seamlessly block your Wema Bank ATM card right from the comfort of your home, irrespective of where you are, and at whatever time of the day. Hence, in precarious situations, like stolen or lost cards you do not need to visit the bank before you can block your ATM card.

Blocking your ATM Card via the Wema Bank Online Banking

Wema Bank online banking is an excellent platform that provides a quick solution to customers as it allows you to use your Wema Bank account wherever you can connect to the internet. Hence, you can use this service to block your card if missing, stolen successfully, or whenever you notice some suspicious activities. Here is how to do such:

However, it is important to note that you would be needed to register and agree to the bank’s terms and conditions (T&C). Hence, you will be required to fill in the online registration form, provide the correct details, including your account name and number, and your contact details as well. Then, submit the registration form to get started.

Contacting the Wema Customer Support

If there is ever the need to block your ATM card, you can quickly contact the Wema Bank help desk, and from their desk, they can quickly block the card before experiencing any form of losses without having to go to any branch of the Bank.

Call: You can place a call to the FCMB helpline – 07000787753 or contact your bank branch through their contact numbers provided

Email: contact Wema Bank support via their email at

SMS: you can also reach Wema Bank support via SMS- send your message to 07051112111


Report your issues to the bank via their live chat option and request for ATM card blocking.

What Happens after Blocking Your ATM Card?

It is important to note that once you block your ATM card, it will no longer be accessible or useful in any way to you. Hence, it won’t respond or allow you access funds via ATMs, POS, or online payments. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry if your ATM card falls into the wrong hands when lost or when stolen.

Furthermore, your blocked card will not function again and to get another working ATM card you will have to visit the nearest Wema Bank branch to request a new card, then go ahead and set your new pin, and get the card activated.

Final Thoughts

There is none above card theft or card loss even though we all try as much as we can to avoid such situations. However, such tendencies exist; hence, it is important to quickly block your ATM card using any of the options listed above to avoid losing the funds in your account if you bank with Wema Bank.