How to Block a Zenith Bank ATM Card in 5 Minutes

Cases of ATM card misplacement, stealing, loss, and even unauthorized withdrawal by certain persons who knows your PIN is on the rise as the day goes by. These events lead to a surge in fraudulent activities and scamming via the missing card. Because of this, the Zenith Bank has placed specific codes and means of blocking your ATM in cases of loss or theft.

The Zenith Bank ATM card can be blocked using USSD codes, mobile banking, and other methods. Therefore, whether your ATM card has been snatches by hoodlums or misplaced, you do not need to panic as different easy-to-grab measures have been provided.

how to block zenith bank atm card

When to Block Your Zenith Bank ATM Card

There are several reasons why one would want to block his/her ATM. These reasons include;

  • If the ATM card is missing.
  • If the ATM card is stolen.
  • If another person uses the ATM card for a transaction that is not authorized by you.
  • If you suspect the exposure of your ATM to third parties.
  • If you enter your card details mistakenly on a phishing website.
  • If the card gets stuck in an ATM.

Ways to Block a Zenith Bank ATM Card

Blocking your Zenith Bank ATM card can be done in several ways, which includes;

  • Zenith Bank USSD Code.
  • Zenith Bank Mobile App.
  • Zenith Bank Customer support medium.

You do not need to visit the bank to fill annoying forms or even undergo the stress of pushing through the crowd or queueing in long lines as the steps involved can be taken anywhere you find yourself and at any time.

Blocking a Zenith Bank ATM Card Using USSD Code

This is the simplest and fastest method of blocking a Zenith ATM Card. Only a few steps are required, and your ATM card will be successfully blocked. These steps are listed below.

  • Dail *966*60# on your phone with the phone number in your bank registration details.
  • Select option 6

After this, your ATM card would be blocked.

But, these steps should be followed up quickly by blocking your Zenith bank account to suspend all financial activities and transactions temporarily. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Dail *966*911# from any mobile phone.
  • Enter your account number and then your Zenith Bank AlertZ mobile number.
  • Then press “1” to continue and block your account instantly.

Unlocking your account and ATM card requires visiting any Zenith Bank branch near you.

Blocking a Zenith Bank ATM Card Via The Zenith Bank Mobile App

The Zenith Bank mobile app accessible on Android and iOS is another easy way to block your Zenith Bank ATM Card. The steps involved in using this app include;

  • Open the Zenith Bank Mobile App on your iOS or Android.
  • Look at the top left corner of the app, you will see a “Menu icon”. Click on it.
  • Select and click on ” Card” from the variety of options present.
  • Then toggle the switch to deactivate the linked ATM Card.

Once this is done, your ATM card is blocked immediately.

Blocking a Zenith Bank ATM Card Via Customer Service

This method is also straightforward as it entails dialing the numbers on your mobile phones for telephones and make a call. It also includes reaching them via their websites, social media handles, and email address. However, this method is used when you are not registered to USSD or mobile banking.

Calls: You can reach the Zenith bank via calls on

  • 0700-ZENITH BANK
  • ATM Unit: 0700-CARD-ZENITH or 0700-286-936484. (highly recommended as it affects the initial directly).
  • Card Unit: 0700-2273-936484 or Fax number: 234(1) 2618212.
  • Zenith Direct: 0700-ATM-ZENITH, 2927000, 2787000, or 234(1) 4647000.

Social Media Handles: you can also reach them on;

The Twitter handle is highly recommended as cases such as this are urgently attended to on the handle.

You can send them a mail via their email address telling them to block your ATM card.

Also, visit their website at

You can also use instant message (live chat) support while on the website, although it is not recommended.

Once you contact them on any customer service, report, and request an ATM blocking, your request will be granted after answering specific questions correctly.


Scamming and Frauding leading to money loss from personal bank accounts has been a raging problem, especially when victims are not aware or informed afore time. Secondly, misplaced Cards could be used by another individual to access your account and make withdrawals.

Therefore, the only solution is to block the ATM card while blocking the account and stopping any further transactions. If you are in this situation and bank with Zenith, this article will help you as it gives step-blocking procedures and methods.