How to Check Gtbank Loan Balance

Most GTBank customers are qualified for one loan facility or another. But being qualified for a loan is not enough. After accessing the loan account owners need to manage such loans properly to qualify for more financial opportunities. To do this effectively, you should know how to check your GTBank loan balance.

How to Check Gtbank Loan Balance

How to check GTBank Loan balance

Managing loans include checking your loan balance regularly to see how much of your loan has been cleared. Checking your loan balance is like checking your account balance. If your account is mobile-enabled, you can simply dial the famous code then follow the guidelines below:

(a)  USSD

USSD was devised to make banking more convenient to customers irrespective of their status. It is a very popular means through which bank customers access various banking services. Like most banks, GTBank provides USSD for its customers They can access bank services including checking their loan account balance. USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data which makes it possible for bank users that do not have a smartphone to access banking services easily using their phones. It is the means through which loan account balance can be checked. It is commonly used by those that do not have access to apps or internet banking which require some technical know-how. You need a phone to dial the code and then follow the instructions until the desired result is achieved. It is provided by banks to their customers and GTBank also enables USSD for its customers too.

The Code can be used from any location to complete your request. Dail *737*6*1# on your mobile phone and you’ll see on-screen prompts telling you how to go about checking it. When customers take loans from the bank their account shows negative until the loan is cleared.

(b)  Internet banking

Your financial request can equally be completed via the website of the bank or other internet channels. They are more convenient than USSD in checking loan account balances. When bank customers log in to this internet banking platform, they can directly check their loan account balance. GTBank is internet banking-enabled. Using your User ID or email and password you can check your loan account balance. Select your account and balance inquiry. Registration for internet banking can be done at the bank premises. You will be given a form to fill after which your internet banking details will be sent to you. They are highly confidential so you must not share them with a third party. However, if you registered for GTBank internet banking services while opening your account, you do not have to go back to the bank when trying to use it. Rather, revert to the information provided to you during registration.

(c ) Mobile banking

The GTMobile/GTWorld app can lead you directly to where you can check your loan account balance. Your account balance will be displayed after you enter your user ID and password. Also, you can swipe left or right to see more details about your account balance. Ensure that you download and install the right GTWorld app then log in with your details to check your loan account balance. Account balances are often displayed close to your profile. Mobile apps like the GTWorld app are very convenient to use

(d) Call Customer care

You may choose to speak with a GTBank customer care representative via call for information about your loan account balance. Customer care representatives do not just handle complaints only. They can help you check your loan account balance to know if your loan account has been credited or if there are issues with repayment.

The customer care numbers are +234 8039003900, +234 8029002900, call any of the numbers, select a preferred language that will be used in attending to you and provide them with certain information to access your account. In relating with customer care representatives of GTBank, customers are advised never to reveal any details like passwords for apps of USSD.