How to Deactivate FirstBank Mobile App

The mobile app is like the nearest FirstBank branch nearest to you. In other words, it lets you do things that would have made you visit the banking hall if you did not have it. The mobile app is very useful in today’s banking. If not anything, it eases the stress of having to go to the bank and queue up for little things like paying for your electricity bill. But for one reason or another, some people wish to deactivate their FirstBank mobile app.

How to Deactivate FirstBank Mobile App

These reasons could include:

Insecurity: they could feel that their app is no safer for them to use. Perhaps a third party has their details.

Changing Mobile Phones: It could be that the user wants to change their phones to one that is not internet-enabled.

Gifting Their Phone: Another reason that could make users want to deactivate is that might be giving the phone out. Deactivating the mobile app might be necessary in this case because it is safer deactivated than not. It is wise to do so, especially of you are not close to whomever you are gifting it to.

There might be myriad other reasons why you may want to deactivate your FirstBank mobile app. Whatever reason there is, this article is here to guide you on how you can successfully do that.

Kindly note that deactivating your FirstBank mobile app is not the same as deactivating your bank account. So, you have nothing to fear about losing your account alongside your mobile app.

So, quickly, let us see how to deactivate your FirstBank mobile app:

The FirstBank mobile app is not one you can deactivate on your own. In other words, you must visit the FirstBank branch to help you with the deactivation. Anything that has to do with you being stressed by any form of online banking, is their responsibility to take care of. The interests of their customers come first.

  • Pay a visit to any of the branches of FirstBank nearest to you.
  • Meet the Customer Service representative and let them know you want to deactivate your FirstBank mobile app.
  • They will ask for a few requirements, which you have to provide to aid your deactivation process.
  • Afterward, when your details have been verified, your account will be deactivated for mobile banking. This means that you can no longer gain access to it again on the mobile app. In other words, your mobile app is as good as gone. However, you can reactivate it anytime you wish, but that is a topic for another day.

Below, we will have a look at the requirements they would ask for.

Requirements for Deactivating Your First Bank mobile App

Up there, we talked about the requirements that would be demanded from you in order to successfully deactivate your mobile app. Here, we will be looking at them, one after the other.

  • Your FirstBank mobile banking details
  • Your full name
  • Your FirstBank account number
  • Means of identification (National ID card, Drivers License, International Passport)

Another way to deactivate your FirstBank mobile app is to uninstall the app from your smartphone. This sounds like an unofficial way to deactivate your app, but it still helps keep the app away from your use anyway. This method of deactivation does not officially deactivate the app in the right sense of the word. However, it could be a better option to go to the banking hall to actually deactivate it, only to go back to the bank again when you need it back. Sounds like going back and forth. So, the benefit of uninstalling the app from your phone is that anytime you can download the FirstBank app again, you will be able to gain access to the app without visiting the bank hall for reactivation.

Although, this method should be ignored in the case of unsafe accounts. In other words, in a case where you fear someone has your details, you should go for deactivating your mobile app at the bank.


The FirstBank mobile app is a very important component of baking now, given this internet dispensation. So, if you have a reason to deactivate it, it has got to be a very good reason, lest you give yourself an extra effort of having to go to the bank to get it fixed again. But hey, the good thing is that you can always get your app back.

If you had been looking for a way to deactivate your FirstBank mobile app, there you have it. We hope that this article did well to teach you how you can deactivate your app by either going to the bank or uninstalling the app from your phone. Please go with the one that best suits you.

If you have further questions you’d like to ask, please refer to any First Bank branch, to do so. You can as well contact FirstContact on 0708 062 5000, 014485500, 070034778, or 2668228, to make your enquiries and they will give you all the information about mobile app deactivation.


When I Uninstall the Mobile App from My Phone, Will Someone Else be Able to Use it Somewhere?

Without you giving them your login details, there is no way anyone can gain access to your account through their own app. But if they have your details, they could gain access to your account. Perhaps you just wanted to deactivate your app because you will be away from your phone for some time. Uninstalling would be a better option. It avails you the liberty to get back on your app by just downloading again.

Can I Reactivate the Mobile App on My Phone?

Unless you only uninstalled it, otherwise you would have to visit the bank, tender the requirements to reactivate your mobile app, and get it done. If you uninstalled it, just visit AppStore, as an iOS user, and download the FirstMobile app back into your phone. As an Android user, visit the Google PlayStore to get another FirstMobile.