How to Get Gtbank Loans, Requirements and Steps

In case you are a GTBank customer, you are entitled to a number of loan facilities and you will learn about what the requirements are and how to apply for them from this article.

How to Get Gtbank Loans, Requirements and Steps

How to get GTBank loans, requirements, and steps

GTBank has different loan options for different categories of clients. There are more than 10 different loan options that you can choose from. Here some of them will be outlined and you will be guided on how to apply for them. Loans are financial assistance provided to bank customers that are repayable over a given period of time. There are different loan services offered by GTBank but we will discuss four of them that are the most sought loan services.

(a)  Quick credit

Do you know that you can get as much as 5million naira Quick credit from GTBank? That’s not all, you will have between 6 to 12 months to pay back the quick credit. The loan facility is open to both salary and non-salary accounts.


Minimum monthly account inflow of N20,000. However, a net monthly salary of N10,000 may qualify a customer to apply for quick credit.

Credit reports must be satisfactory in that there should be no existing loan.

Applications will not be accepted from applicants that are younger than 18 years or older than 59 years. The minimum loan amount is put at 10,000. For salary owners, it is 5million while for non-salary owners 500,000 is the minimum.


Apply using *737*51*51# on your mobile phone.  The loan can also be applied for using the bank’s online and mobile banking platforms.

(b)  Salary Advance loan

Salaries earners both from Government and private companies can benefit from salary advance loans. As the name implies, they can get some percentage of their salary before the date of payment.


Applicants must have an active salary account with GTBank to be eligible. Applicants can get up to 50% of their salary upon application and the loans are repayable and renewable can be repaid within 30days.

Customers working in the public sector must have a minimum salary of N25,000 while those in the private sector must be earning a monthly salary of N50,000.


To apply for the salary advance can dial *737*8*2#.

(c ) Max Advance loan

The GTB max advance loan is meant to provide loans to Staffa of selected companies and government organizations.


The staff must have a salary account with the bank. Customers qualified for this loan can get up to N10,000,000 starting from N                   S 100,000. The payment period is from 3 to 48 months.


Few documents such as employee undertaking to domicile salary account and terminal benefits with GTBank.

(d) Maxplus

The maxplus loan is for personal loans to


Download the form from the bank website or visit any GTBank branch, obtain, fill and submit the form as well as an employee undertaking form

GTBank offers a wide range of loans at friendly rates to customers. However, it is important that customers meet up with their payment commitment within the stipulated time. If they achieve this, they will have opportunities for more loan facilities. However, failure to meet up with loans may attract some penalties.

General loan requirements

  • The channels for loan applications are either bank, apps, mobile and the internet. There are specific loan requirements for different types of loans but there are general loan requirements as well.
  • Applicants must be a customer of GTBank to be eligible for loan facilities.
  • They must have operated an account for no less than 6 months before the loan application.
  • All the requirements set for the respective loans must be met by the customer including the provision of a credible reference where required.
  • Also, they must have a valid means of identification and a legitimate source of income.