How to Get Zenith Bank Virtual Card

It is not every bank customer that visits the bank to get an ATM card. Some register and obtain virtual cards from the comfort of their homes. The difference between the two is that there is no need for delivery of the virtual card. it becomes available after registration and verification are completed. What is most essential in a virtual card is the information in them and not just the plastic outlook. That is why zenith Bank offers virtual cards to their customers like many financial institutions.

How to Get Zenith Bank Virtual Card

Advantages of virtual bank cards

There are almost no limitations when you use a virtual bank card because its advantages are numerous. Most banks and financial institutions are embracing the virtual card option because of its advantages and it is projected that someday, the virtual card will replace bank cards as the most used option for banking transactions.


Since you will not be going about with your card, the risk of losing them to theft is very low if not nonexistent. It is virtual and so inaccessible to third parties without your consent. Cases of card theft and loss have been almost eradicated by this method that seeks to guarantee the safety of a customer’s account.

It does not stop there. Although the virtual card guarantees security to a large extent, users must ensure that they keep all access details secure and protect their banking information for all other channels too.


Soon after obtaining a bank card regular use can make them get damaged and certain details on them may wear off over time. Most times the vital information on the card wears out even before the card expires, making it difficult for users to enjoy making bank services like online payments. The virtual card does not have this risk so the details provided will remain intact throughout the period of usage. When compared to bank cards, the virtual card stands out with many objectives.

Home use

Even when a bank card is requested online, it may take some time for it to be available for use. It is available instantly to those that request it so long as they meet the requirements during registration. The non-virtual bank card can also be requested from home but it still needs to be delivered to the customer before use and without the card physically present transactions cannot be done.

Zenith Bank virtual card

Customers that want to obtain the Zenith bank virtual card can simply follow a few processes and it will be available to them. The virtual card is ideal for web transactions and it is globally acceptable. As a digital asset, it can be obtained through two primary means.

USSD code

Dial *966*2273# on a phone linked to your zenith Bank account and follow the prompts until the account is successfully created. Ensure that you have your details handy before dialing the code. USSD works on any mobile device so long as it is linked to a zenith bank account.

Request online

Visit the Zenith Bank official website and click the Request virtual card button.

Applicants will be required to validate their bank verification number (BVN) and date of birth to proceed. where incorrect information is entered, the application will not be successful. Online registration for the zenith Bank virtual card cannot be done on non-android mobile devices. The phone needs to have an internet connection and users must have an internet banking account with Zenith bank.

Virtual cards have come to stay in the financial sector because of their merits. However, banks cannot impose them on their customers. They have to make the informed decision of requesting for them.