How to hotlist your GTBank card

Don’t panic if your GTBank card is lost. Rather quickly block the card or simply put, hotlist the card to prevent a third party from having access to it.

How to hotlist your GTBank card

How to hotlist your GTBank card

There are many reasons why you may need to hotlist your bank card. For most people it is because they are no longer in possession of their ATM cards or some fraudulent activities are taking place on their account. Unauthorized withdrawals can also inspire customers to hotlist their cards,

(a)  Call GTBank customer care center

The GTBank customer care line can come in handy if you lost your GTBank card. 0700482666328 is the number to call. The customer care personnel can instantly help you block the GTBank ATM card. Even if the card is later retrieved, it cannot be useful again after the hotlisting process is completed.

(b)  Use Code

Dial *737*51*74# to instantly deactivate your GTBank ATM card. But ensure that you dial it using a number linked to your GTBank account. It also requires that you enter your account pin to complete the process. You will be notified that your card has been blocked successfully.

Important notes

(a) GTBank uses a unique code for hot listing and *737*52*74# is the code.

GTBank has made it easier for customers to block their cards as soon as they lose possession of or notice strange transfers and transactions on their accounts. So, in the face of such confusion over financial transactions that are not authorized by the customer, the code can be dialed to hotlist it. There is no major requirement to use the code as customers only have to ensure that the number of their sim card in the phone is linked to their bank account. When the code is dialed, the user will be guided through a few steps, and in a matter of seconds, the account will be blocked instantly.

(b) Ensure that you use a mobile number that is linked to your GTBank account it can be any network so long as it connects directly to your account.  You can apply to change the number linked to your account. If by chance you no longer have access to it, your bank can always help.

(c ) You can apply the code anytime and anywhere so there is no need to visit GTBank offices to block your account. However, at the period you lost your card, you can call GTBank customer care immediately or visit the nearest GTBank to make a complaint about your missing card. The first action to be taken will be to first hotlist the card to ensure that your account is safe from criminals.

(d) It is important to block your account once the bank card is no longer in your possession because if it gets into the wrong hands, it can be used for crime.

A card does not have to be physically present before hotlisting can take place. When a card is hotlisted it can no longer perform all tasks like cards. It can be criminal to be found with a card that has been hotlisted especially when a GTBank card is hotlisted, it cannot be used for any financial transaction and it is simply useless even if it is in the possession of criminals. However, GTBank allows you to get a brand-new card if your card is lost. So, you need not hesitate to hotlist your GTBank card if it is stolen from your possession or lost, or when you notice any unauthorized transactions from your account. GTBank encourages its customers to use these options should they be unable to access their account