How to Liquidate Gtbank Quick Credit Loan

GTBank Quick credit loan is a loan offer that allows customers to access personal loans of up to 5million Naira and repay within a given period of often 12 months.

It is a great loan for salary earners because they can comfortably pay within the given period. However, GTBank allows you to liquidate your loan before the expiration time and it attaches no penalty to the liquidation.

How to Liquidate Gtbank Quick Credit Loan

What is loan liquidation?

Loan liquidation is all about repaying a loan taken from a financial institution like GTBank. Liquidation may take different forms. For instance, you may decide to sell off a loan, pay in part or pay in full. It is not considered default if a customer decides to liquidate a loan taken from GTBank. The bank does not attach any penalty and the process will follow smoothly until the loan is successfully liquidated. Also, it does not take much time to have your GTBank Quick credit loan liquidated.

How to Liquidate GTBank Quick credit loan

If you have accessed GTBank Quick credit loan and want to liquidate it, here is a guide on how you can do so.


Recall that GTBank USSD can be used to apply for a quick credit loan. The same USSD code can be used to Liquidate the loan. All you need to do is dial *737*51*55# on your phone then follow all the instructions by providing relevant information and proceeding. You will be required to enter your 737 pin to complete your request. USSD services are accessible to most GTBank customers even if they do not have a smartphone for internet access and services.

2. Internet Banking

Access the GTBank internet banking platform using your username and password. Internet banking details are often provided by the bank during account opening. However, if it was not created during account opening, you can request the details anytime from the bank. You can access your internet banking dashboard through the bank’s website or the mobile app.

After login, select investment, then click loan liquidation. The loan liquidation request checkbox will direct you to select the loan that you want to Liquidate. This will be followed by a secret question to be answered by you. it is a form of user verification to ensure that you are the actual owner of the account.

As soon as the secret question is answered, a token card will be generated and sent to you. Enter the code and click submit to Liquidate your loan.

3. Visit GTBank

There are customer care personnel always ready to attend to you within the working period if you visit any GTBank branch. You can go to the nearest GTBank branch to request that you want your loan to be liquidated, your request will be taken up and you’ll have your loan liquidated in no time.

Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) is one of the leading commercial banks in Nigeria that has branches in many parts of the country. The bank has a large client base and it offers varieties of financial services to support its customers. GTBank offers loans in different forms to customers. The different types of loans provided by GTBank can be accessed in different ways. Specifically, GTBank offers a type of loan service named Quick credit loan, a personal loan for salary earners that provides huge sums of money to customers to be repaid within a given period. But sometimes bank customers that have accessed this loan may not want it to last for the given period probably because of certain financial packages that they plan to subscribe to. They may need to pay back the loan before the stipulated time and this is where liquidation comes in.