How to transfer from GTBank to Kuda bank

It is possible to send money from your GTBank account to a Kuda account. Most interestingly, transactions can be done offline. Both GTBank and Kuda Bank are two different financial institutions because Kuda bank is solely online.

However, it has many other features like most physical banks except that it lacks a physical structure or branches.

How to transfer from GTBank to Kuda bank

How to transfer from GTBank to Kuda bank

Kuda bank is a Nigerian Digital Bank that offers a wide range of financial services. It is a bank in every aspect except that it is purely online. If you have a Kuda bank account, you can actually transfer from your GTBank account into it.

A Kuda bank account number is often in form of a phone number because it is automatically generated when the Kuda app is installed and registration is completed on the app.

(a) Dial code

You can do a lot with your GTBank USSD code and that includes

To transfer from GTBank to Kuda bank simply dial *737*50*amount*416#. Input your Kuda account number then confirm your transfer using your designated pin (*737# pin).

After dialing the code, the next step is to enter your Kuda account number. To get a Kuda bank account number, simply install the Kuda bank app then rap your profile picture. The next page will reveal your Kuda account number so you can easily use it in financial transactions.

Confirm the amount that you want to send to your Kuda bank account by entering your pin.  After you enter your pin and click on send, the money will be credited to the Kuda account. It is fast and easy to use.

Let’s give this practical illustration:

Assuming you want to send N50,000 to a friend that uses Kuda Bank, you’ll first need to dial the code *737# and follow the prompts or directly dial *737*28*50,0000* Account number # using your phone. This code will lead directly to inputting your *737# pin. This pin will authorize the transaction that you are trying to carry out. Once you put your pin and send it, the transaction will be sent. Aside from your *737# pin others such as your hardware token or four digits of your GTBank debit card.

Transfers to Kuda Bank can also be done through internet banking or other methods of financial transfer. However, in case of any issues with the transfer, customers can contact the GTBank customer care line for details.

(b)  Use GTBank app

Transfer of funds can also take place from your GTBank app to a Kuda bank account. Following the same procedures for transfer enter the transfer amount and account number then send and you will be notified if the transfer was successful. The Kuda Bank account number serves the same purpose as a normal bank account number.

 Why GTBank Kuda Transfer is essential

  • Purchase

Kuda bank facilitates a lot of financial transactions for their customers. So, need to transfer from your GTB account to your Kuda bank to be able to make a purchase from a store or buy an item online. Although the operational system of Kuda bank is different from GTBanks, they can still work efficiently to facilitate your purchase and online banking transaction.

  • Wallet funding

Your GTBank may be your main account through which you receive funds but you may be doing business with someone that uses Kuda Bank. To make their transfer Payments possible simply transfer from your Kuda bank to the wallet of your business partner.

  • Efficiency in business

Your customers pay also want to pay into your GTBank to close transactions. They can be guided by simple transfer tips to successfully deposit more cash in your GTBank account to facilitate more efficiency in your business.