How to Transfer Money From Fidelity Bank

Fidelity bank has made it easy for customers to access its services on their own without going to the bank. As a customer of the bank, you can make payments and receive payments from other accounts, buy airtime and data, pay bills and access your bank statement all on your phone.

If you are tired of going to the bank to make simple financial transactions, this article is for you. I will be teaching you easy ways on how to transfer money from your Fidelity Bank account to other Fidelity and Non-Fidelity Bank accounts. Kindly read along.

How to Transfer Money From Fidelity Bank

How to Transfer Money From Fidelity Bank Using USSD

Just like other banks, Fidelity Bank introduced the USSD services to ease banking among their customers. All you need is a working mobile phone to connect your active phone number to your Fidelity Bank account.

By linking your mobile contact to your account, you can make any transaction with that number for as long as possible. After linking your number, dial *770#, which is the USSD code for Fidelity Bank mobile transactions, to transfer money from your account to other accounts.

Furthermore, the USSD transfer code is highly accessible every day and every hour. It is not restricted to the traditional working day period. It is safe and convenient to use when you secure your sensitive details. It does not require the internet and you can easily make transactions in a few seconds.

If you are using this USSD code for the first time, you need to first activate the code with your phone number and Fidelity Bank account. Below are the steps to activate the USSD code.

  • Step one: Pick up your phone and dial *770#
  • Step two: A notification will ask you to register your account number if you are a new user. Press one to register your account number.
  • Step three: When registering your bank account number, ensure it is correct. Create a pin for your USSD registration.
  • Step four: Confirm the pin. This will allow you to secure your transactions. No one should have access to your pin except you.
  • Step five: You might be asked to enter an alternative phone number for your account. If you do not have any, Press ‘0’ and move on to the next step.
  • Step six:  Enter your pin and submit. Congratulations, you can now make transactions with your Fidelity Bank account on your mobile phone through USSD.

Now that you have registered your sim to your account number, it is time to learn how to make transactions on USSD by transferring money from your bank account to other bank accounts. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Step one:  Pick up your phone and dial *770# and press ‘1’ to proceed.
  • Step two: If you want to send money to another Fidelity Bank account or other banks except for Fidelity Bank, press ‘4’.
  • Step three: Put down the amount of money you want to send to the receiver.
  • Step four: Enter the account number of the receiver.
  • Step five: If it is not a Fidelity Bank account, pick the receiver’s bank from the list of bank options and press next.
  • Step six: Confirm the name of the receiver and save the beneficiary for future reference if necessary.
  • Step seven: Confirm your transaction and enter your USSD secured pin.
  • Step eight: Wait for a confirmation that your transaction is successful and expect a debit alert.
  • Step nine: You just transferred money from your Fidelity Bank account.

If you do not want to spend a lot of time going through this process. You can simply send money within seconds by:

  • Dialling*770*Account number*amount#.
  • Once you have done this, input your pin and press ‘send’.
  • Wait for a message to confirm the success of your transaction.

With this straightforward step, you can easily send and receive money from other people. It is important to note that the use of the USSD code attracts bank charges of 6 naira for every entry. For the funds sent to the same bank, 10 naira is added to your debit amount. For funds sent to other banks, 20 naira is added to your debit amount.

Furthermore, with the USSD code, you cannot send more than 20,000 naira at once and 100,000 naira is the maximum amount you can transfer in a day.

How to Transfer Money From Fidelity Bank Using Mobile App

If you do not want to use the USSD code to make transactions, then you can utilize the Fidelity Online Banking app. For you to use the mobile app, you need a smartphone preferably, working internet and your Fidelity Bank account of course.

To send money using the Fidelity Online Banking app, follow the easy steps below:

  • Step one: Pick up your smartphone and ensure it is connected to the internet. Locate your app store on your device, and download and install the Fidelity Bank app with the green and blue logo.
  • Step two: Register your account number on the mobile app after you have installed it on your phone. Ensure you input the right information and secure your sensitive details including your pin and your token password.
  • Step three: Login to your account on the app by inputting your username and password.
  • Step four: Tap on the three horizontal lines on the top left beside the dashboard to locate the transfer option or click on the box button on the bottom right of the page to quickly link to the transfer page.
  • Step five: when you enter the transfer page, pick ‘Transfer to Fidelity’ to transfer to the same account. Click ‘Transfer to another bank’ to transfer to other accounts except for Fidelity Bank.
  • Step six: Select the receiver by submitting their bank details and saving them as future beneficiaries.
  • Step seven: Fill in the remaining details by inputting the amount you want to send and the narration of the transaction. The narration explains the purpose of the funds.
  • Step eight: Confirm your transfer by inserting your pin and waiting for a debit alert. You can also go through the transaction history to track the success of your transfer.

By following these steps, you are now able to transfer funds from your Fidelity Bank account to other banks. There is also a limit to how much you can send in a day.


Can you register two accounts with one phone number?

If you own two accounts with Fidelity Bank (current and savings), you can register both with your most active mobile number. When you make transactions with the USSD code, your current account will be debited first before your savings account.

In conclusion, I have shown you how you can activate your account on your mobile phone through USSD and the bank application. You can also follow the steps to transfer money from Fidelity Bank to other accounts.

The presence of mobile banking will give you the comfort you need to enjoy banking services from Fidelity Bank. If you have any challenges, contact the customer care agents who will be willing to help you.

Thank you for reading.