How to Unblock Your Gtbank ATM Card

Your GTBank ATM card performs a lot of functions that you authorize. But if it gets into the wrong hand, it can become a tool for fraud. The car contains visible details of your card number and CVV number among others which can give access to your account. Although most customers keep their ATM cards carefully, they can get lost or be stolen.

Cases of fraud from lost ATM cards have increased in recent times that is why GTBank has armed customers with the code for blocking your ATM card if you suspect that it is in the custody of fraudsters. The code released by the bank to customers is *737*51*73# and it is applicable to all networks, However, when you feel that your ATM card is now safe and away from the reach of criminals, you may consider unblocking it so that you can carry out normal banking transactions.

How to Unblock Your Gtbank ATM Card

ATM cards can be blocked either by banks or customers for various reasons. If your bank blocks your ATM card it may be because of one of the following reasons.

  1. You tried multiple ATM pins that were wrong. If you attempt the wrong ATM pins on your card, your bank may block it. While trying, you will be warned that further attempts will result in the temporary blocking of your card. This measure is also meant to prevent fraud. since fraudsters do not often have direct access to ATM pins. But since it is a temporary blocking, it will be reactivated after the stipulated time.
  2. If your card has expired, GTBank can also block it making it impossible for you to use it for any transaction. in fact, it can be seized when use on Automated Teller Machines. There is no way to reactivate an ATMcard that has expired. The customer has to request for a new one.
  3. Banks can also block your ATM card over suspicious transactions.

However, even the user can also block an ATM card using the code provided by GTBank. While you can unblock your ATM card if it was blocked by the bank, you need the bank to help unblock the card if it was blocked by the bank.

Here is what you can do to unblock your GTBank ATM card.

1. Call customer care

GTBank Customer care can actively respond to your request by unblocking your ATM card. Call the customer care team to help you through the process especially if it was blocked by you.

2. Visit the GTBank branch

Nearly all customer complaints and requests can be handled at GTBank offices. All you need to do is to find the GTBank branch nearest to you and visit to request that your ATM card be unblocked. Your request will be granted or a solution provided.

3. Wait for 2-3 days

If you can is blocked temporarily for exceeding 3 attempts at inputting the right pin, just wait for 2-3 days and it will be automatically unblocked by the bank.

4. Dial code 

Dialing the code provided by the bank can block your GTBank ATM card just the way you want it. Certain account and card information will be required so keep them nearby while dialing the code to block your card. But to unblock your ATM card, you have to visit the bank or contact the bank’s customer care number. Unblocking your ATM card is not possible by SMS or codes because of security reasons. This will also discourage fraudsters from trying to unblock an ATM card that they stole. It is often considered a serious threat when a card is blocked so the processes leading to its unblocking are also strict though not rigorous to ensure that access is given to the right customer.