Zenith Bank Naira Mastercard Limits

The Zenith bank cards give you the ability to conveniently make payment over the internet and live the high-paced lifestyles that is needed in today’s world. It doesn’t matter whether you want their debit, credit, or prepaid, zenith bank will provide you that financial freedom you desire.

Zenith Bank Naira Mastercard Limits

About the Zenith Bank Virtual Cards

Their Virtual Card is particularly made for internet transactions which customers can use to shop on the web, which can be used to pay bills and subscriptions and are accepted both locally and internationally.

For you to get your cards, there is no need to visit any of their branches. You can get yours by using the Zenith Internet Banking platform just dial *966*2273# and following the prompts.

Their MasterCard gives you 24/7 access to both your current and savings accounts. This is not just an ATM Card, it is a card that allows you to make cashless purchases via WEB, POS, and ATM worldwide. The zenith bank offers a range of both Classic, Gold and Platinum cards meant to suit your desire.

The features and benefits 

  • The Mastercard is available in both Naira and Dollar denominations
  • 24/7 account access
  • The cards are acceptable worldwide
  • You can use the card for online shopping, ATM, and POS Terminals
  • It is very secure

The Mastercard Gold debit card

Here is another premium Debit card meant for people who work hard to get a foundation level of affluence and live a comfortable lifestyle for their family and themselves. The card is designed to help make life more secure and enjoyable, it also provides great discounts, offers and promotions that will enhance and add value to your everyday experiences. Note that all Zenith Bank MasterCard Gold owners benefit from their high spending limits.

The Features and Benefits of this card

  • You will get 24/7 access to MasterCard global service
  • You will get insurance and travel assistance (MasterCard Only)
  • You get legal and medical referral services
  • Get a card replacement
  • You will get a cash advance
  • Ability to have issuer transfer
  • You will get gold card discounts on services
  • Card is available in both Naira and Dollar denominations
  • It has an enhanced transactions limits ($3,000)
  • It has a global acceptance for online Shopping, ATM cash withdrawals and paying bills via POS Terminals
  • You get cardholder inquiry service
  • You get online security service via the MasterCard Secure code
  • You will get emergency cash disbursement
  • You get a zero lost card liability
  • There more reasons to use your Zenith Bank MasterCard

The Mastercard Platinum Debit Card

The Zenith Bank MasterCard Platinum debit card happens to be one of the best for people that lives busy and fulfilled lives. It ensures that you have the support you require to turn your daily experiences into priceless and memorable moments. This Platinum card gives you a comprehensive package that you will benefit making you get the best out of life.

The Features and Benefits

  • You get gold card benefits
  • You will get a priority pass
  • You will get an emergency cash advance
  • You will receive a platinum card discounts on services
  • It is available in Naira denomination only
  • It has a global acceptance for online Shopping, ATM cash withdrawals and paying bills via POS Terminals
  • You will get prestige and recognition via higher credit limits
  • Owners get access to superior customer services, 24/7.
  • Access to inquiry service
  • Guaranteed online security via MasterCard Secure code
  • You get emergency card replacement
  • You get emergency cash disbursement
  • Zero lost card liability
  • You will get a summary statement every year
  • You get 24/7 access to card transaction history
  • You get a private relationship manager
  • There is an enhanced transaction limit ($4,000)
  • Online buying protection

Zenith Bank Naira Mastercard Limits

The Zenith Bank customers will now get a limit on the debit cards used for expenditures abroad. Customers will no longer be able to do withdrawals with a debit card whenever they are abroad. They will only be able to spend $100 on transactions monthly.

So for those wondering about Zenith Bank’s Naira Mastercard Limits, it is $100 Per Month.