Conventional banking has become so integrated into our lives that we can hardly go a whole day without using a banking service. And that’s because Nigerian banks now offer a lot more services than saving or sending money.

Using our ATM cards or mobile banking apps, we can now send money from the comfort of our homes or offices, purchase airtime from telecom service providers, settle utility bills (PHCN, waste management, etc.), renew cable TV subscriptions, and do a lot more.

So, it’s quite expectable that dealing with banks the modern way would come with certain technicalities. There are certain things you can’t just do with your ATM card or mobile banking app without searching for information about it first.

How exactly do you recharge your PHCN card when you run out of power? If our ATM card gets lost or stolen, how do you quickly block it without having to rush down to the bank? How do you set transaction limits on your account? Answers to these and many more questions aren’t readily made available by most Nigerian banks. Yet, these are important pieces of information that you need from time to time. was created to serve as a hub for all banking-related information that Nigerians need.

Created in January 2021, the website features explanations of basic banking terms, guides to using various banking services, quick tips and for solving problems relating to banking services, codes to access various banking services, and lots more.

The information featured on the site is a product of thorough research and we constantly review the posts as due, to keep them updated where and when necessary. However, because technical details of each bank’s services change from time to time, we might not be able to guarantee 100% correctness or accuracy of every piece of information featured on the site.

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