Blocking your Union Bank ATM Card: All you need to know

The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards keep creating a comfortable and excellent transaction for bank account owners. The cons associated with card owners losing the card, and consequently, criminals getting hold of their details can be quite troubling. Fraudsters can empty the funds of account owners when they have access to their ATM card and pin.

These criminals have evolved their game using different techniques where all they require are the digits on the ATM card; with that, it’s more than necessary for customers to not just hold on to their cards but also ensure those digits don’t get into the wrong hands.

Blocking your Union Bank ATM card

In case you misplace your ATM card, or somehow those digits get into the wrong hands, you need to be aware of how to block your ATM card to prevent fraudulent transactions, leading to loss of funds. You should know that you can unblock ATM cards blocked when missing when found by visiting one of our branches.

Situations that might require you to block your ATM card

Few situations might require you to block their ATM cards to safeguard your funds from falling into the wrong hands. These situations include:

  1. If you misplaced your ATM card
  2. If your ATM card gets stolen
  3. If you receive debit alerts from transactions, you didn’t authorize.
  4. If you feel the digits on your ATM card has been revealed or recorded by a third party.
  5. If you accidentally enter your card details on a scam page.

You should not hesitate to block your ATM card if your situation fits any of those listed above.

How to block your Union Bank ATM card

There are two main ways to block your Union Bank ATM card; they are:

  • Using Union mobile app
  • Using SMS

Using Union mobile app

When blocking your ATM card, this method’s usage is open to customers who have a registered account on Union mobile app, with their card linked to their profile on the app. So, if you are registered and have your missing ATM card linked to your profile, you can comfortably use this service. If you belong to these criteria, follow the steps listed below:

  • Open Union mobile app on your mobile phone
  • Log into your Union mobile account
  • Select self-service after successfully logging in
  • Click on the ATM/debit card you plan to block
  • Type in your security pin.
  • A token would get to your phone via your contact line; input this token to complete your request.

Kindly note that you can use this method to unblock an ATM card when you find the missing one.

Using SMS

The Blocking of ATM cards linked to your account number via SMS is as easy as ABC. All you have to do is send a text “BLOCK CARD NUBAN” to 20123; however, you should send this text from the phone number you used while registering your Union Bank account.

Note that NUBAN is your account number. An example is SMS BLOCK CARD 0011223324 to 20123, where 0011223324 is the account number.

Peradventure you were unable to block your ATM card using either of those methods, it is highly advised you contact the Union Bank customer support as a last resort.

How to Contact Union Bank Customer Support

The bank’s customer support can also help you block your lost or missing ATM card to prevent any losses. You can make a complaint by contacting Union Bank through any of the various customer support channels

  • Email –
  • Website –
  • WhatsApp – 09070070001
  • Phone – 234-1-2716816 and 07007007000
  • Social media
  1. Twitter:
  2. Facebook:
  3. Instagram:
  4. YouTube:

You should have the following information on hand when contacting the bank’s customer care because the representative would request for them:

  1.  Full name on your account with the complaint
  2. Your Account Number
  3. State the product or service you have issues with (ATM card)
  4. A concise both descriptive details, as you lay your complaint
  5.  The amount involved in the fraudulent activity and the data it occurred(if applicable)
  6.  Documents that support the complaint (if applicable)


Possession of an ATM card brings unprecedented ease, enabling you to withdraw and transfer funds, pay bills, buy airtime from an ATM using plastic cards, a chip, and a pin. It would be best to exercise caution in handling your ATM card and its details; it is with the same ease with which scammers can get access to your funds.

It is therefore essential you know how to safeguard your funds by blocking your ATM card. Perhaps it gets into the wrong hands. Kindly ensure you do not hesitate to block your debit card within minutes after noticing it is missing; these minutes might be the lifesaver for your money. This article contains well-detailed information that would guide you through the process of blocking your Union Bank ATM card.